Air Diffuser


  • Reduced design costs through standardized modules with standardized efficiencies
  • Fastest installation times due to the revolutionary connection concept and MAGNUM® mount
  • The prefabricated connectors every 30 cm gain high flexibility and fast expansion opportunities
  • Highest efficiency per installed unit area of diffuser because of the use of the MAGNUM® diffuser
  • No pipewelding, coupling or adhesives required during installation
  • Designed to allow thermal expansion without expansions joints
  • Can be connected to any existing piping system
  • All components are recyclable and free of PVC

Airex piping system

AirRex® is the first plastic piping assembly designed expressly for aeration service. It is available as a kit. The modular concept in combination with the revolutionary, patentpending, connection and the specially designed supports allow fast installations at low costs.

Airex piping system

AirRex® can be retrofitted into basins equipped with fine bubble aeration to increase efficiency and yield a reasonable payback as well as older, coarse bubble installations. New installations will be the lowest cost high efficiency diffuser system available.

Airex piping system

The AirRex® piping system is optionally equipped with a 3/4″NPT or BSP female thread. The OTT MAGNUM® tube and the OTT D-REX® disc diffuser as well as a disc diffuser from other manufacturers can be easily mounted on the D-REX® piping system by useing adapters.

Since 1986, OTT membrane diffusers have made a name for themselves with highest quality, performance and durability. The same holds true for D-REX® 9″disc diffusers.


One membrane material for all applications:
FLEXLON® is a membrane material with superb reliability even at high air temperatures and in challenging wastewaters. This specially engineered material provides outstanding chemical resistance and durability as well as reduced surface fouling. As a result, D-REX® 9″disc
diffusers are equally well suited for municipal and industrial waste water treatment.


One size for all applications:
The frameless design of the diffuser body provides maximum aeration-active membrane surface. The aeration effected is uniform over the membrane’s surface. These two benefits combine to increase oxygen transfer performance by up to 20 %. As a result, D-REX® 9″disc diffusers can often be used in place of conventional 12″ disc diffusers, offering equal or better performance with substantial cost savings.


One connector base for all applications:
D-REX® 9″disc diffusers can be installed on any type of lateral piping including stainless steel, PVC, plastic and OTT AirRex® lines. Convenient adapters from OTT’s standard accessory program are used to mount the connector base onto the piping at hand. As a result, D-REX® 9″ disc diffusers can be quickly and easily integrated into any existing aeration system.

air diffuser-D-rex disc

D-Rex Disc diffuserD-Rex Disc diffuserD-Rex Disc diffuserD-Rex Disc diffuser

The OTTMAGNUM®membrane tube diffuser has been the leading diffuser of choice for use in the demanding aeration applications world-wide for more than 15 years. The OTT MAGNUM®support tubewas designed to combine the best of important ratios: highest strength to weight; the lowest installation time to active membrane surface; lowest piping length to diffuser length and lowest buoyancy to weight – an unrivaled combination.

These factors yield an installed cost that is competitive with, if not lower than, any other system designed to efficient standards. Construction details such as the patented CLIP IN® connection and the patentedmembrane guide profile on the upper side of the support tube are a solid basis for operational reliability and durability. Every diffuser is air flow and pressure tested at the factory to ensure the highest degree of quality control and product uniformity. To the client, this guarantees an optimized, highly reliable and efficient aeration process for many years to come.

The benefits at a glance

  • effective lengths: 1000, 1500 und 2000mm +high-quality membranes for any application +simple and fast installation: CLIP IN® allows simple and fast installation up to 250 units/hr +suitable for square and circular air headers
  • single-piece diffuser tube made from environmentallyfriendly polypropylene
  • only one hole needed in the header-pipe

glance of magnum

magnum tube diffuser