• The Combined System – is designed for one continuous dewatering of sludge from small water‐treatment plants urban and industrial.
  • This compact technique of a big simplicity of operation associates the functions of a gravity belt thickener and one belt filter press
  • Construction in stainless steel AISI 304L
  • Easy maintenance and supervision
  • Economic – Very low cost of operation
  • Complelety closed ‐ Detention of smells and noise pollutions
  • No need of gravity thickening tank, sludge storage tank or D. A. F. unit (space savings) 
  • Dry solids concentration of the sludge, entering the belt press is stable (The gravity belt thickener regulates DS %) (optimisation of belt press performance) 
  • Sludge flow to the belt press is reduced by 4 to 10 times (space and money savings) 
  • use of a smaller belt press (space savings)
  • Peripheral equipment are common to the belt thickener and belt press (money savings)
  • No need for further polymer injection on the belt press (money savings)
  • Belt thickener can be mounted on top of the belt press (low space requirement and space savings) 
  • Increase of the dry solids loading rate on the belt press by 30% (smaller belt press and space/money savings)
  • Dryness increase around 2% after the belt press


  • No maintenance platform
  • Easy supervision of process (flocculation, thickening…)
  • Easy maintenance (greasing…)
  • Easy change of wear parts

The following items are common to the belt thickener and the belt press

  • Washwater booster pump,
  • Washwater piping
  • Air compressor
  • Control Panel
  • Polymer preparation plant
  • Polymer dosing pump
  • dewatered sludge conveying system
  • Concrete basement and filtrate discharge
  • Floculated sludge enters on the upper part of the equipment by means of a sludge inlet flange. The sludge divides up on the filtering belt in a uniform way.
  • The water contained in the sludge flows through the filtering belt and is then channelled in a tank. Plows arranged on the thickening zone create grooves in the sludge to ease the draining of the water.
  • The thickened sludge is then poured on a filtering belt of the pressing zone having a finer meshing to allow the pressing.
  • The second filtering belt of pressing comes to imprison gradually the sludge to evacuate residual water. After passage between rollers of various diameters to increase the pressing, the sludge is removed from the filtering belt and discharged in the disposal system (dewatering sludge pump, screw conveyor …).

A) Compact Combine Unit – compact design (Gravity Belt Thickener and Belt Press in one single equipment)

B) Long version (gravity Belt Thickener -GBT in front of Belt Press -BFP)

C) High version (Gravity Belt Thickener-GBT on top of Belt Press-BFP)