in-situ verification tool-Opticheck


Service tool for in-situ verification of field devices

  • For easy performance check of KROHNE flowmeters and level transmitters
  • Preventive maintenance and service features (incl. printed verification certificate)
  • Extends recalibration intervals for increased safety and less downtime
  • Certified verification (international standards)

OPTICHECK is the essential service tool to ensure that process measuring devices are performing according to specification. When connected to an installed meter (in-situ), it gathers data to ensure that a field device is performing within 1% of the factory calibration. The baseline can be historic repair data from the factory or on-site test results after performing a full verification. The service tool can be easily connected to an instrument in measurement mode without interrupting the process.

OPTICHECK fulfils third party requirements for the independent verification of flowmeter and level transmitter performance. It can carry out a rapid troubleshooting with a quick scan or a full verification involving a complete check of the sensor, all I/O’s (buses excl.) and converter integrity. The device also allows customers to extend the time between costly re-calibrations of field devices. This enables less downtime and increased safety for operators and plant.

  • Lightweight portable device incl. all cables and accessories for easy connection and handling
  • Verification of the entire range of:
    • OPTIMASS and OPTISWIRL flowmeters with GDC converters
    • OPTIWAVE radar level transmitters
  • Hard copy verification report for each field device
  • Digital storage of verification data in the internal database
  • Optional download of original factory calibration settings from the KROHNE manufacturing database (PICK)

In-situ verification of converter electronics and sensors

  • Accuracy check
  • Process diagnostics
  • Report generation
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Check of factory calibration settings

*More instruments are available, please liaise with us if any of your required instruments is not listed above.