Other than supplying spare filter plates, we provide technical advice for replacing filter plates on existing Filter Press.  Successful job references including replacing rubber steel plates to Polypropylene filter plates.  With good design of filter plates, the filter press efficiency can be enhanced as well as increasing filtered cake dryness.   Available filter plates dimensions can be up to 2450 x 2450mm.  We are here to help you to solve almost every challenge in solid/liquid separation.

Filter Plates and Frames

Filter plates and frames are still a low cost solution for simple filtration processes.
We produce them according to your requirements in various sizes and different designs. The pictures shown on this side represent only a small range out of the
manifold possibilities.

Custom-designed filter plates and frames

filter plates-Custom designed
filter plates-Custom designed
filter plates-FPR800C
FPR 800 C
filter plates-FPR1000D
FPR 1000 D
filter plates-FPR1200A
FPR 1200 A

Recessed Filter Elements

Recessed filter elements represent a low cost and efficient standard equipment for filtration processes with low demands in term of dry solid content. They are available in various sizes for open and closed discharge. Caulked and gasketed design is recommended when the filter chambers have to be absolutely leak-proofed. Recessed filter plates are working most economically in combination with LENSER membrane plates.

Version to match LENSER membrane filter elements:

filter plates-KXE800
KXE 800
filter plates-KXZ1200
KXZ 1200
filter plates-KAZ1500x2000C
KAZ 1500x2000 C
filter plates-KAZ1200C
KAZ 1200 C
filter plates-KFZ800C
KFZ 800 C gasketed

Membrane Filter Elements

LENSER membrane filter elements allow the mechanical compression of the filter cake after the actual filtration process.
Obvious benefits compared to filter plates and frames:

  • Higher throughput
  • Higher dry solid content
  • Shorter filtration cycles

Another advantage of LENSER membrane filter elements becomes obvious when washing the filter cake. First the filter cake is compressed mechanically to stabilise it, and then undergoes final squeezing after the washing process has been settled, resulting in:

  • Reduced wash water
  • Improved washing results
  • Increased final dry
    solid content

Depending on the operating conditions and the chemical composition of the substances being filtered, the material used for the filter elements must be coordinated. Further information on the possibilities and suitable material combinations is available from LENSER Filtration

Standard Membrane Filter Elements

filter plates-KME800 R

KME 800 R

filter plates-KME1200 bloc

KME 1200 bloc

filter plates-KME1000 bloc

KME 1000 bloc

filter plates-KMZ1200 RUD

KMZ 1200 RUD
(only possible as Mixed Pack ‘LENSER membrane/recessed filter elements’)

filter plates-KMZ630 RUD

(only possible as Mixed Pack ‘LENSER membrane/recessed filter elements’)

Universal High Pressure Membrane Filter Elements

Special feed port construction and material combination allow after squeeze pressures up to 30 bar.

filter plates-KMZ1500 UM HD bloc

KMZ 1500 UM HD bloc

filter plates-KMZ1000 UM bloc

KMZ 1000 UM bloc

filter plates-KMZ1200 RUM

KMZ 1200 RUM

filter plates-KMZ1200 RUD KXZ 1200

KMZ 1200 RUD
KXZ 1200
Membrane/recessed filter elements

filter plates-Lenser mixed pack

LENSER Mixed Pack
consisting of membrane filter element/filter plate

filter plates-UM feed port

Patented UM feed port design for all detachable three-piece universal membrane filter elements, and for the welded bloc type version with diaphragms made from TPE.