Wide range of Belt Filter Presses to match any plant size, keeping in mind the following key features :

  • high quality components (only stainless steel construction),
  • low energy consumption and operating cost,
  • clean operation,
  • operators safety devices,
  • easy access for supervision and maintenance,
  • visual control of the sludge during dewatering.
  1. Increased Component Longevity
    Integral protection of sludge to the machine (sealed sensors, bearings etc.)
  2. Long Term Reliability
    Increased frame strength‐ Structure composed of galvanized or stainless steel to define the slim‐line
  3. Easy Installation
    Setting up made easier with the aid of ajustable feet underneath the machine
  4. Easy Access Facility
    (for maintenance to belts, spraybars etc.)
  • Sludge is conditioned with polyelectrolyte , and sometimes with mineral additives (lime, talc …).
  • Flocculated sludge is evenly distributed across the belts then dewatered by compression and shearing effects between 2.
  • The filtrate water forced through the belts is caught in tray systems
  • The floc must be quite voluminous due to the mesh opening of the belts (to avoid sludge going through the belts) and the floc structure must be
    resistant under pressure.
  • To avoid clogging, filtration belts are washed continuously with clean water, under 7 bar pressure, and considering 6 m³/h per meter of belt