The Filtering microscreen ROTADISC ® sieve is a very robust, mono block piece of equipment designed for micro solids filtration, with a minimum mesh of 10 microns and maximum 1000 microns.

Due to its compact and resistant design, this equipment can work without any problems during 24 hours for a long period of time and without requiring any type of maintenance.

The ROTADISC ® Micro sieve can be provided in a compact version or ready for civil work installation.


  • Free plate sieve with a large filter surface
  • Solids elimination from effluent of secondary decanters
  • Treatment of potable water and process water
  • Filtering prior to disinfection UV rays
  • For direct spillways to channel and underground emissaries.
  • Tertiary treatment for municipal waste water
  • Potable water pre-treatment.
  • Storm water treatment.
  • Water treatment of industrial processes