temperature transmitter-Optitemp TT 22 C


Head-mounted temperature transmitter with RTD input

  • Input: 1 x Pt100, 3-wire
  • Output: 2-wire, 4…20 mA
  • PC programmable
  • Accuracy: ±0.1 %

The OPTITEMP TT 22 C is a programmable 2-wire head-mounted temperature transmitter. It works with a Pt100 RTD element in 3-wire configuration. The device features a robust design and excellent performance even under demanding conditions such as varying ambient temperatures, vibrations, moisture and radio interferences. It provides a temperature linear current output (4…20 mA). The temperature transmitter is approved for use in hazardous areas

The OPTITEMP TT 22 Ccan be easily configured from a PC using the ConSoft™ software with configuration kit ICON. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, parameters like measurement range or failure indication can be set or re-set within seconds. Using PC configuration, no calibration is required. The RTD transmitter is designed for installation in a “B connection head” or larger. As an alternative the OPTITEMP TT 22 C can also be mounted on a DIN rail using an optional rail mounting kit. A dedicated rail-mounted version for DIN rails is available with the OPTITEMP TT 22 R.

Transmitter mounting Head-mounted
Transmitter channels MAX 1
Galvanic isolation No
Transmitter input Resistance (RTD)
RTD input Pt100
RTD input / wiring 3-wire
Transmitter programmable Yes
Configuration method PC/ConSoft software
Power supply (VDC) 6…32 VDC
8…30 VDC (Ex)
Ambient temperature -40…85°C/
Diagnostic functions Sensor break detection, Sensor error correction, Sensor short circuit detection

Products Details

Alternative product categoriesHockey-puck transmitter, In-head temperature transmitter


Certificates/Approvals ExATEX, IECEx
NAMUR complianceNE 21, NE 43


Analogue outputs4…20 mA

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